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Affiliation &Recognition: Jayamukhi College of Teacher Education, Moqdumpuram, Narsampet has been permitted to run the B.Ed. Course from 2001. The Registrar of Kakatiya University, Warangal has also accorded permanent affiliation to the College and recognized by National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE), South Region, Bangalore.

Minority status: The Institution enjoys the privilege of Permanent Minority Status Certificate issued by the Government of Andhra Pradesh, Minorities Welfare (M&R).

Jayamukhi College of Teacher Education has qualified staff and fully furnished class rooms, a well equipped library, a science lab, a psychology lab and an educational technology lab.  The college imparts Teacher Training for all round development and integrated personality of the Trainees. Since its inception the college has been rendering dedicated and committed services to the society through various academic programs.

We have complete and committed staffs who work whole heartedly for the betterment of the college.  8 Teaching, 21 Non-Teaching Staff are there.In addition to the academic programs the students are exposed to Social, Cultural, Religious, Agricultural, Welfare activities.  The college is taking initiative to conduct Workshops, Seminars, Orientation and Animation Programs with the help of the experts in the respective fields.

Though the course of B. Ed. is only for a one year, students or trainees enjoy a lot in this fun filed year as so many various co-curricular activities are carried out in the college and the trainees are awarded by many different kinds of awards.

The objectives of the institution are:

  • To prepare trainees for teaching at secondary and higher secondary schools.
  • To make affords for improving the quality of class room teaching.
  • To make the trainees and in service teachers aware of new technology and innovations in educations.
  • To cultivate in trainees, educational and professional competency by providing them with first hand learning experiences.
  • To provide training for the success full implementation of the educational program. In order to survive new innovations in the field of education and to survive in this competitive era, personal capability is necessary. For the development of this type of capability, this college is making continuous affords and is trying to be a pilgrimage of knowledge.
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